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Things to Remember while Travelling with Your Loved Seniors Tags: San Mateo In-Home Care

Do you have a senior loved one in your family who is under constant care? And do you think that you canít go on a vacation because you canít take them with you or they canít go with you even if you plan on going on a vacation?

This are completely a wrong idea! Let us assure you that with San Mateo In-Home Care Comfort Keepers you can very well go on a family trip or vacation even when you have a senior among you. Yes, just remember this easy to follow to-do list from Comfort Keepers San Mateo In-Home Care while travelling with your loved seniors for whatever purposes it may be.


●†† †The first thing is to take all the necessary prescriptions along with you and keep it as safe as possible so that it doesnít get lost. Best idea would be to have a digital copy uploaded to some cloud storages like drive or box.

●†† †If it is for a vacation then keep your vacation simple. Try to find out a beautiful and serene place with not much of a crowd like those of high voltage tourist destinations.

●†† †Even if your vacation plan includes elements that wonít be suitable for our loved seniors consider having some other suitable tasks for them to follow in the meantime. Like if you are planning a hiking session while our vacation allow them to enjoy their time with their caregiver in a beautiful park or something like that. Whatever they may enjoy the most.

●†† †Get a hold on the locations of nearest hospitals, shops, pharmaceuticals and other such places before you arrive in your travel destination and wherever you may move along the line of your travel plan.

●†† †Take special attention while packing so that you do not miss any important item and make sure to have adequate warm clothes for the seniors even when you are going to a warm place, as it can be chilly for our loved seniors at nights in even some warmer places.

So, do you need any help on planning a vacation with your loved seniors or just need a companion caregiver along the trip? Give us a call at Comfort Keepers San Mateo In-Home Care services! For additional information click here.

Spiritual Impact of Caregiving on Caregivers Tags: Home Care San Mateo Senior Care San Mateo Elder Care San Mateo Home Care Redwood City Senior Care Redwood City Elder Care Redwood City In-Home C

Highly rewarding tasks, by default, are also high in difficulty and complexity. Caregiving is definitely one of them. But the rewards that caregiving offers to the caregivers are not material; they are rewards of spiritual and emotional significance. It is something that rewards the being in essence. So, the hardship that comes along with it is also somewhat graver in consequences. Reaping the spiritual harvest out of caregiving too is not easy for the uninitiated. But for seasoned caregivers like† Comfort Keepers Home Care San Mateo itís intensely spiritual.

Caregiving teaches the most important lessons to the caregivers that to live is to love. Through their vocation they are able to learn how to love unconditionally; how to love selflessly. Through their selfless service they get the opportunity to rise beyond all the lower human boundaries and to reach the highest of humanity.

They know all these cares; all these sleepless hours are not in vain. These bring light to families, ignite hope in hearts and bring smile to faces. These are simply invaluable to them. It is the harvest that the Home Care San Mateo Comfort Keepers reap while taking care of our seniors. No matter how hard in complexity and difficulty the situation may become they know at the end they will be able make a difference. They will be able to add life to lives. And that's what matters to them the most and pushes them forward with a bright heart amidst the storms of all kind.

Moreover, for being with many seniors and their families throughout their career they get to know their lives from a very intimate perspective, which enriches their own understanding of life and existence as a whole. They are able to see and assimilate different point of views and true stories from real life moments into their own being. Thus continually keep on enlarging their selves and minds.

Above all Comfort Keepers Home Care San Mateo caregivers through their divine profession of caregiving get to realise the true purpose of life itself. The real meaning of existence - to be able to make a difference; to be able to spread love and happiness and to be able make your existence truly valued. For more information visit us.


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