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Daily Mindfulness Walk to Appreciate Senior Years Tags: Comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Mateo


Mindfulness is essential throughout our life. It enables one to truly appreciate life and existence. It allows us to see things as it is. And in this way it helps to reduce stress, pain and sufferings.

What we from Comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Mateo have noticed that the importance of mindfulness in senior years increases even more as situations may occur when remaining peaceful and fearless is of utmost importance. Moreover, what often we have observed that many elderly doesn’t find it easy to cope with the changes that declining years brings upon us. So, then practicing mindfulness can render tremendous help.

But the basic question in this regard is how to practice mindfulness? Comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Mateois here to answer.

The answer is pretty simple! By being calm, quiet, patient and attentive you can become mindful. But again one may ask how to attain these states of mind? Yes, there are ways to achieve these. But for now we will focus on the single best practice that can bring to you the state of mindfulness. It is having a relaxed walk daily; and let us call it the mindfulness walk.  

Start even for 5-10 minutes daily and try to increase the time limit of your walk. But always try to be free and relaxed minded while you walk. Look at your surroundings let your mind and imagination roam unbounded. Let your thoughts and emotions loose. Observe everything without self-imposed mental barriers. Walk and let your mind have its own walk within. Gradually you will see that the freedom will reach you. You will see that your mind will become calmer and quieter and you will become attentive and mindful.

So, start right from today and practice regularly. Besides, stay with Comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Mateo to know more ways to achieve mindfulness. For more information visit here.


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