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Does Your Elderly Loved One Resist Healthy Eating? Tags: Redwood City Senior Care

Among the changes the declining years bring to our lives, increased importance of safe, healthy and nutritious eating is one of the major ones. However, like many other changes this one too may not be easily accepted by your elderly loved ones. Is your loved one resisting healthy food items too?

We here from Comfort Keepers Redwood City Senior Care have tried to find out the reasons behind it. Check out this common reasons for which your senior loved one may resist healthy eating.


Food Habit

As most of us are habituated with food items high in sugar, salt, cholesterol and fa, changing this food habit often becomes a bit difficult. As low salt and low sugar food items feel bland to the taste buds at first. So, a witty way to solve this would be to use herbs as natural tastemakers.

Not Realizing the Importance

We from Comfort Keepers Redwood City Senior Care have seen some of our elderly loved ones often do not seem to understand the connection between eating and good health. So, in this case you have to make them understand. Take a help of a doctor to make them realize, if you have to.

Wrong Idea about Healthy Foods

Many of our senior loved ones may think that preparing healthy food options are more costly than buying packaged food item from the super markets. But in reality it is the opposite. Make them understand this fact.

The Perception of Being Controlled

Often in senior years we remain very sensitive about our own independence and do not want anybody to take over our lives. So, your constant suggestions of healthy eating may be translated as a control issue to them. Be aware of such misunderstandings and clear them up as soon as you spot them.

So, what do you think now? Are these the reasons your senior loved one are also resisting healthy foods? Please let us know if Comfort Keepers Redwood City Senior Care can be of any help! For more information visit us.



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